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Endomotor C-Smart Mini AP with apex locator

Product information:

Model: C-Smart Mini AP

Producer: COXO

Warranty: 12 months

Condition: new

Original price was: 4,720.00 lei.Current price is: 2,999.00 lei.

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Credit module tbi bank 3.4.0

179.63 EUR x 24 months

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service and warranty

C-Smart Mini AP Wireless Endometer with built-in apex locator


According to the new ANMDM regulations, the purchaser is obliged to provide the ANMDM control bodies with the CE certificates, the declaration of conformity of each medical device together with the opinion of the seller from whom the product was purchased.

Download the documentation here:

Notice of operation

CE Certificate

Declaration of product conformity

User manual

Coxo dental endomotors are ISO certified and CE certified according to European standards


How to make sure the Endo motor is efficient and safe?

You need the new Coxo C-Smart Mini AP wireless endomotor with built-in apex locator.

With the precise functions and measurements, you can easily perform root canal preparation for fast and quality treatment. At the same time, you also get rid of the worry of cables. You can operate in any position and at any angle. With the Coxo C-Smart Mini AP endo motor with built-in apex locator, canal preparation takes minutes.

With the Mini AP in hand, you’ll be worry-free!

Three modes of operation

1. Endomotor mod:

  • When no cable is connected and the device is switched on, the no apex locator mode is activated, the display is light blue and the display will flash the system name and parameters. The direction of rotation will automatically reverse when the channel tool reaches or exceeds the torque you have set, it will beep and the display will change to red.
  • This function avoids forcing the tool into the root canal, thus avoiding tearing inside the root.
  • The endomotor has stored preparation parameters that can be easily changed from the endomotor.
  • Reciprocating motion can be set to different angles and speeds of motion to meet all current requirements.


2. Endomotor mode with apex locator

  • In standby mode, when the single-wire cable is inserted, the apex locator function is automatically activated, the display turns blue and the parameter page shows the apex locator measurement. Endomotor and apex locator work together.
  • The direction of rotation will automatically reverse when the channel tool reaches or exceeds the torque you have set.
  • The direction of rotation will automatically reverse when the channel tool reaches the apex.
  • The user can set the reference position for the apex to find the best balance between safety and accuracy.


3. Apex locator mode

  • Insert the 2-wire cable and the device automatically switches to apex locator mode, the display turns green and the apex locator graduations are shown.
  • You can also use the C-Smart Mini AP endomotor as a normal apex locator. To improve visibility, when the channel instrument is within 1mm of the apex, the device will magnify the display of the locator apex graduations.


  • Wireless
  • Ergonomic design
  • Simple control
  • Small head that can be rotated 360*
  • Multiple settings for speed, torque, gear ratio and auto reverse
  • The on-screen information display can be adapted for both left and right-handed use.
  • Audible signal for auto reverse function
  • Swiss-made, specially imported, quiet engine
  • Removable LED, easy to replace
  • Handpiece with 16:1 reduction
  • Adjustable speed and torque
  • Built-in Apex locator with dual-frequency measurement technology
  • High capacity rechargeable battery
  • 4 operating modes: apex locator, continuous rotation, reciprocating motion, continuous motion with apex locator
  • Automatic switch-off after 10 minutes without being used
  • Auto reverse and apical slow down function
  • Possibility to adjust the speed and angle of rotation of the reciprocating movement


  • Charger power supply: 100-240Vac,50-60HZ
  • Adjustable torque: 0.6-4Ncm
  • Adjustable speed: 150rpm-650rpm

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg

Guide to sending equipment for repair under warranty/service:

If you are certain that your equipment falls within the warranty conditions and period:

1. You can send it with a description of the defect to:
DENTAL EQUIPMENT STORE S.R.L., Str. Aries, No. 3, Timișoara, to the attention of the Warranty/Service department, via the Fan Courier courier.
You can call DENTEQUIP on the telephone numbers 0770 713 820/0772 047 330/0725 724 858 and request the collection of the package from your address, the cost of transport being borne by DENTAL EQUPMENT STORE S.R.L, mentioning that it is an equipment for which you are requesting a guarantee.
To avoid possible problems regarding compensation for parcels damaged during transport, we recommend insuring the parcels at the value of the purchase invoice. Please pack the equipment properly.

2. You can hand it in personally to the Service/Warranties Department, from Monday to Friday, between 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.,
You can check whether or not the product is covered by the warranty and benefits from shipping support, through the contact form or at [email protected].

ATTENTION: If the warranty request is unjustified (functional product), the applicant will pay the round-trip shipping charges for the products and any diagnostic costs (determined by the Service/Warranty Department).

Return of Products


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All return and shipping costs will be borne by the Seller.

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