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How to prepare the site for the installation of a dental unit?

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Whether we are talking about buying a dental unit, renovating or building a dental practice, it is important to know that any changes or additions made to such a space influence its appearance and dynamics.

In today’s article we will discuss the installation of a dental unit. When installing such a device, we need to consider not only the dynamics and design of the space: it is important to know, in broad terms, what it is, how to identify the connections of a unit, how to position a unit, etc.

How do we identify the connections of a unit?


  • in the case of older models, the connections are under the block containing the spittoon
  • in newer models, the connections are located under the patient’s seat
  • there are also exceptions where the connections come at a greater distance from the unit and then a special connection box is fitted

To note:

For the most accurate positioning of where the pipes and cables for the unit will come out of the floor, do not forget to ask your supplier for the necessary information

As a guideline, the connections should come out of the floor to the right of the patient’s calf when the patient is sitting in the chair.


What are the dependencies of a unit?

Before you pour the screed, lay the tiles or the floor, don’t forget the other aspects that influence the smooth running of a dental unit: water, compressed air, electricity, sewage, vacuum pipe and pump control. The recommended sizes for these are as follows:

1. Water – copper or PVC pipe, fitted with a tap with ½” internal thread;

2. Air – copper or PVC pipe, fitted with a ½” internal thread tap or 8″ pneumatic hose (6 ID, 8 OD) withstanding 12 bar pressure;

3. Power – 2.5 mm grounded power cable;

4. Sewer – PVC sewer pipe with a minimum diameter of 32, preferably 40;

In the case of units prepared for surgical suction with a vacuum pump you will also need:

5. Vacuum pipe – PVC sewer pipe with a diameter of 32 that will connect the vacuum pump to the unit;

Attention! Next to the vacuum pump there will have to be sewage

6. Pump control – 2-wire cable connecting the unit to the vacuum pump.


water tap

To note:

The tap on the water pipe should be mounted as close to the floor as possible.

If the water pipe is too long or the rest of the cables are too twisted, the cover will not fit. Therefore, all pipes and cables coming out of the floor must be framed in a maximum 20X20 cm grid.

If you want to fix the unit in the floor (often not necessary) you need an accurate drawing of the pipes running through it. In this way, you can avoid any damage or cracking of the pipes when inserting the screws.

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